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Dear Bowlers

I know what it is like struggling to improve your bowling scores. I have been there. It took me a long time to master the game. Do not forget, in my days, there were no proven systems...everything was trial and error.

I started bowling as a novice at Piccadilly Bowl in London. I was an overseas student then, but my efforts paid off as I can recall winning a League Championship with a team made up of Chinese players from Malaysia and Hong Kong who were also overseas students. Wonder whether the bowling alley is still there?

Today, I have spent enough time with top bowlers, some of whom are professionals, to safely conclude that knowledge is indeed power. But that is also not good enough. ENFORCED knowledge should be the keyword here.

Many of the world's top bowling pros do their own research and spend countless hours with experts to improve on their bowling skills. Today I am offering you a fail-proof system that has helped many of my former students progress to International Stars.

We cannot deny that if you have a solid foundation of the game, it will chart your progress so much faster than if you have to rely on bits and pieces of tips to assist you. As with everything in life, we are reminded that we have to learn the rules of the game. What better way than to follow a proven bowling system?

Introducing the complete bowling system...

ABC To Bowling Strikes & Spares    
"your passage to bowling excellence"  

complete bowling system 

I have categorized my training into 5 different volumes. There are over 50 diagrams and charts and close to 200 pages of training materials. This makes it easy to take someone from zero knowledge to being a competent bowler by following this proven step-by-step system. This bowling system has been put together from all the knowledge I have gained over the years improving on my own bowling and my coaching skills. (By the way, I've been coaching for over 30 years!)

I have filtered what works and what does not. I have practised these methods myself and taught them to the youths in my Youth Development Programs. I can guarantee you they work...as long as you conscientiously follow the instructions to the tee.

You do not have to be a born genius to succeed. You just need a passion and lots of determination and discipline to become a good bowler.

Bowling lessons can be expensive! Just a few short lessons can cost...$$$ depending on where you are located. While this offer is up, the price is only...$$$? I will get to the price in a moment.

Let us check out what benefits you will get from these books first before I announce my offer price...

Volume 1

Cultivating Good Habits

The first step to becoming a champion bowler is to cultivate good habits. These are the fundamental basics of bowling. In this volume, I will be giving you a blueprint to a strong foundation. You hear bowlers talking about going "back to basics" whenever they feel their game has gone off the curve a bit. This is why it is crucial to have strong Basic Fundamentals from the moment you become interested in the game.

You will learn...

How To Do The Basic Release

  • Learn how to position your hand and wrist to affect how the ball reacts on the lane.
  • Learn how to prevent gutter balls.

How To Master The Basic Drills

  • You will learn how to position your body for the most effective way to release your ball and proper follow through.
  • Learn how a ‘pendulum swing’ works and how it can give you consistency.
  • Learn timing and how to acquire a ‘muscle free’ swing and smooth co-ordinated footwork.

How To Correct Your Stance Position

  • Learning how to align your body with the lane and target is of vital importance. 
  • Understand how it determines the direction and co-ordination of everything that follows.

Where To Place Your Ball

  • Learn why this is the key element to achieving accuracy...sometimes referred to as the ‘pushaway’ drill.
  • Know why it can affect your timing and balance.
  • Learn what is most suitable for your style of bowling.

Your 5-Step Approach

  • Learn how to co-ordinate your tempo and cadence…a very important element to improving your bowling.
  • Learn how to ensure a smooth delivery everytime.

And much more…

Have you been looking for bowling materials like this for ages? Then you must get your hands on this book. Do not under estimate the power and impact of what cultivating a strong foundation of the game will do for your bowling career.

You can also cut your learning curve by following a proven system!

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Volume 2
Keys To Achieving Success

To sustain a decent average in your game, you will have to develop consistency. This can only be achieved if you have a system to assist you. You do not want to play a 200+ game only to drop to a low 120+ game, do you?

The secrets to maintaining a consistent average can be found in this volume. Check out what I am going to teach you here.

How to Determine your Personal Number

  • You will learn what is a ‘personal number’ 
  • What is the purpose of having one?
  • How is it going to help you improve your game?

How to Address Your Drifting Problems

  • Learn why drifting causes you to miss your target.
  • Learn how to solve this problem.

Your 2-Target Aiming System

  • Learn the importance of lining up your shot.
  • Discover how to get your ball to end up where you want it to go.

How To Change The Axis of Rotation

  • Learn how you will be able to get different reactions from your bowling ball by changing your hand and wrist positions.

Master Multiple Releases

  • Know the difference between a ‘basic release’ and ‘multiple releases’.
  • Learn how different releases are related to different lane conditions.

And much more…

If you have ever aspired to be a champion bowler, then you must know the techniques I will be revealing in this book. It will help you to maintain a decent average every time you bowl.

Volume 3
Improving Your Average

Now that you are able to develop consistency, you can then improve on your average. This book covers a set of  easy to follow systems that are time tested and can help you do just that! Read on to find out what I will be teaching you.

The 3-6-9 System

  • You will learn how to make simple adjustments to convert your spares.
  • You will learn about the basic starting positions for all spare conversions.

The 3-1-2 Ratio

  • Learn how to make simple adjustments for varying lane conditions.
  • Discover how to establish an accuracy line.

The 3-4-5 System

  • Learn how to make adjustments for optimum pin carry.
  • Discover how to change the angle of entry into the pocket.

Your Finish position

  • Discover why it is so important to check your body alignment.

Principles of Delivery

  • Discover the principles related to the type and number of steps in your approach.
  • Find out what suits your style of bowling.

Analyze Your Swing
Learn how to identify the following terms:

  • Pendulum swing
  • Accelerated swing
  • Swing plane
  • Swing direction
  • Ball Placement

And much more…

Volume 4
Enhancing Your Average

Have you ever wondered why some bowlers are able to perform better than others under the same conditions? Well, their secrets will be revealed here. They have added knowledge that you do not possess. They have also put in more hours at practice learning advanced techniques that you are not aware of, or have never been taught how to do it properly. Not any more...you now have access to knowledge top bowlers have.

How To Read The Lanes

  • Discover how important it is to adjust to different lane conditions quickly.

The All-Important Skid-Hook-Roll Transition

  • Understand how your ball transition affects your game.
  • Learn how to develop consistency in your bowling style.

How To Play The Channel

  • Learn why you should ‘play the channel’.
  • Understand how this can improve your confidence and game.

Your Finger Placement

  • Learn how to fine-tune your ball reaction.
  • Discover the many different finger placements for different ball reactions.

Altering Your Axis Of Rotation

  • Discover how your ball reacts on different degrees of axis of rotation angle.

Understanding Radius Of Gyration

  • Discover why it is so important to know your ball’s radius of gyration.
  • Learn how this can help you determine which bowling ball is suitable for a given playing condition.

Benchmark layouts

  • Learn what a specific ball layout can do for you.
  • Discover which layout is most suitable for your style of bowling.

The Bowling Ball Story

  • Discover how ball construction / drilling affects your ball behaviour on the lane.
And much more…a book that every competetive bowler must have to hone your skills level!

Volume 5
Blow Away The Competition

In the course of my coaching, I have noticed many bowlers choking at the most crucial times. They are unable to cope with the pressure when it matters most. The knowlegde contained in this book will reveal to you the difference between winning and losing.

Armed with this knowledge, you should be able to face any opponent face-on!

Let us see what you are going to learn...

The Tactical Game

  • Learn the different strategies to lane play…what ball to use and when to use it.
  • How to nail that ‘breakpoint’ to produce more strikes.
  • How to control your ball speed to make a difference between scoring and not scoring.

Your Mental Preparation

  • Learn what you should do to prepare for a big tournament.
  • Discover why stress management is crucial to your success.
  • Learn how to instill self-confidence in yourself.
  • Learn how to apply the Left and Right Brain skills to your advantage.

The Winning Edge…your performance enhancing formula

  • Discover the mechanics of peak performance.
  • Discover how you can gain from a physical peaking program.
  • Learn about simulation training and how it can give you your added advantage.

And much more…

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I will even throw in my Money Back Guarantee. In fact, you simply cannot lose. A guarantee like this can only come from someone who is sure that all the techniques revealed…actually work.

Money Back Guarantee

If you have in all honesty tried the methods revealed but you are not satisfied with your purchase, I will refund your money in full. You have 60 DAYS to do it. There is absolutely NO RISK on your part. Just send an email and you will get your full refund. You also get to keep your bonuses.

Now for today's price. It is not going to be 
$197 or $97. It is only $49.95!  And you get the above BONUSES of BASIC BOWLING DRILLS training videos worth $47 and How To Be An Ace Athlete ebook worth $27 thrown in if you purchase the complete bowling system today. That is a total bonus worth $74. So hit that button below now!


You may wonder who I am. I have actually been involved with coaching Malaysian youths for over 20 years now. My forte is Youth Development and I am WTBA/ABF certified. Here are some of my former juniors who have gone on to achieve international success. You may have seen or heard of them before.


With Adrian Ang, now a World Junior Gold Medalist and a member
of Malaysia's National Elite Squad

With Aaron Kong, another World Junior Gold Medalist and a member
 of Malaysia's National Elite Squad

You may be skeptical. Always listen to the students! Check out some Testimonials here.

Here is how to get started now. Just go here to Download Your Complete Bowling System. You get instant download once your payment has been processed. Then try out the system that I have provided step-by-step and you are on your way!

Go and create some upsets on the lanes.


Jonathan Chung


This offer is available for a limited time only. I can withdraw this offer at any time and you will then have to purchase my books individually at $19.95 each. So if you are serious about improving your game, I suggest you get these ebooks now!  Download Your Complete Bowling System

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